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Friday, March 26, 2010

Fine-Tuning Your Tented Event...

So, you're planning a party and not sure what the weather will be like. For insurance and assurance purposes, renting some type of party tent for your event can be such a stress relief. Finding a reliable party rental company can sometimes be a daunting task, but we have tried to simplify your selection process by compiling a few guidelines in the following text:

First, a few preliminary steps:

  • Always Ask for a site visit (party rental companies know what to look for when planning the setup. The company will conduct a site survey to be sure the site is suitable for an event.
  • First you choose a tent style (Pop-Up Tent, Frame Tent).
  • Then choose your exact location to hold your event. Remember that you will need extra room for roping and staking. (If the tent is set up on cement, water barrels may be required, do you have a hose bibb close by?) (If the tent is on grass, is there enough room to stake 5 to 10 feet around the perimeter of the tent?) These are the type of questions that will be answered during you site visit.
  • Locate all possible underground utilities (water, electric, sprinkler, telephone/communication, cable, sewage, septic, etc.). If you’re renting a particular venue please ask the property manager before the site visit is scheduled.
  • Be sure there are no overhead obstructions – trees and power lines are typically overlooked, once again the site visit will flush out these obstacles.
  • Most tent rental companies offer a lot more than just tents. They often will rent out tent walls, tent lighting, tent staging, etc.

Your Tent Rental Checklist:
  • How many people do you expect at your event? (How many people do you want under the tent?)
  • Will they be sitting at tables? Or will you need just chairs? Or will they be standing?
  • What else will you need in the tent?
  • Will you need a dance floor? If so, ask for recommended sizes (depends on the size of your party)
  • Where will you want the tent to be located?
  • What kind of ground will the tent be installed upon? Grass? Asphalt? Other?
  • How much square footage is needed for the grounds?
  • Where are all the utilities located?
    • Gas lines
    • Power lines
    • Cable
    • Telephone/communications
    • Sprinkler systems
    • Electrical
    • Sewage
    • Water
Don’t forget to…
  • Find out how many days before the event your tent can be installed or set up.
  • When the take down day is and what is expected of you.
  • Ask about transportation costs if applicable.
  • Confirm inspection date and time of the tent after installation.
  • Ask about a damages or lost equipment fee structure.
  • Get emergency contact information should something go amiss.
  • Find out what permits you’ll need to get before having the tent setup on location.
  • Ask if there’s a cancellation fee and what is it.
  • Find out exactly how you can safely decorate the tent inside and out. Some do not allow hanging items from the tent material or its framing for safety reasons.
  • Get a contract from the tent rental company and read your contract carefully.

It’s especially helpful to have as much information on hand before you contact a tent rental company. Another helpful idea is to survey the site for yourself, take a few photos from different angles, and send them to potential tent rental companies. They’ll be able to give you a better estimate and offer recommendations for the style of tents for your event.


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